1000 Ashoka trees planted in Lumbini



LUMBINI, May 26: Mahasiddha World Peace Sanctuary in Lumbini planted 1000 Ashoka trees on the eve of Buddha Purnima. The trees were planted in the premises of the Sanctuary on May 25, Tuesday. Lord Buddha gained enlightenment, and died under an Ashoka tree, also called Peepal tree.

In ancient times, Lumbini was better known as Sal forest, Chitta forest, and Upa Ban. On her way to her parents home in Devdaha, Queen Mayadevi was holding a branch of an Ashoka tree, according to some research. Sal trees are tall, and Ashoka trees are short, and so it is possible that Mayadevi was holding a branch of an Ashoka, not Sal tree.

To rejuvenate the Ashoka forest that once was a big part of Lumbini, the Sanctuary led the initiative to plant 1000 trees in the premises of Mahasiddha World Peace Sanctuary, said Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche. He is also holding a national dialogue on peace on this day.

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