Bloomberg on Peace Sanctuary



Lumbini, Nepal--(Newsfile Corp. - June 14, 2022) - The Universal Peace Sanctuary, which is currently under construction in Lumbini, Nepal, will be a spiritual hub for inclusivity - an open space for all, regardless of religion, race, nationality, age, or gender. The project is led by the renowned visionary teacher and author, His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche.

The sanctuary's design is inspired by the lotus flower - a common spiritual image. A lotus flower grows in the mud, symbolizing that beautiful things can grow in the mire of a suffering world.

The sanctuary will provide a variety of functions. The Peace Museum and Peace Library will house a unique collection of artifacts, teachings, and texts on topics of peace. The Peace Institute will offer programs in ancient wisdom traditions, yoga, and meditation; the sanctuary's meditation rooms will provide quiet space where visitors can deepen their spiritual practice. This will make the Universal Peace Sanctuary a hub for wellness retreats. The Main Assembly Hall will be able to welcome up to fifteen hundred participants for conferences, seminars, and speaking events.

His Eminence is keen to underline that peace is not a one-dimensional concept, as many might assume: "We are not considering only the peace that comes from ending wars. We must also explore the wars that are fought internally within our minds and hearts. What sorts of conflicts do we struggle with from day to day? Do we begin our days with ease and calmness or with stress, anxiety, and turmoil? Peace in the world is possible only when we discover the peace that dwells within."

As His Eminence emphasizes, "The universal religion is peace. Although the Universal Peace Sanctuary is founded upon sacred teachings of wisdom, compassion, and loving-kindness, as a melting pot of ideas and actions, it will address the practical issues of war and peace that we face today. The sanctuary will summon all to the question: how do we bring lasting peace into our hearts and the world? The goal is not passive philosophizing. It is not wishful thinking. It is not proselytizing. The goal of this project is dynamic action."

His Eminence concludes: "We must realize that this life is not a rehearsal. When we have the opportunity to foster peace and inclusivity, we must act and embrace it with open arms. Sadly, we hear about terrible religious conflicts in the world, but we also see many examples of different religions coexisting peacefully. The Universal Peace Sanctuary will work towards making this peaceful coexistence the norm, not the exception."