Meeting Distinguished Guests



Yesterday morning, I had the great pleasure to spend time talking to two famous poets, Dr. Tulasi Diwasa and Mr. Sneh Sayami, sharing my pure vision to promote peaceful Himalayan culture in a theatre production to be performed in Hollywood.

In the evening, I had the great joy of hosting our patron Ms. Kaye Dong (Ms. Kaye Dong and her excellent interior design firm in Hong Kong offered to take charge of the interior design of the peace sanctuary and monastery building, pro bono) and her spiritual friends; our local Nepali architect, Mr. Sarosh Pradhan; our peace sanctuary spokesperson, Mr. Shyam Tamang; Vice President of Non Resident Nepali (NRN), Mr. Sonam Lama; and our rammed earth expert, Mr. Narayan, in Khrisnapan Dwarikas, Kathmandu, Nepal.