Peace Sanctuary Construction



At the beginning of February 2020, we had already completed construction for 230 pilings for the main building of the Universal Peace Sanctuary, plus 65% of the MEVP building (mechanical, engineering, ventilation and plumbing), as shown in this video. Each piling was 17 meters deep under ground and 2 feet in diameter. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Nepal is under lockdown and the government of Nepal, through the office of the Lumbini Development Trust, ordered us to close all activities including construction. Lumbini is still completely closed down, as it is in the red-hot zone.

Having said this, I am very thankful to all of our teams, including our architects, engineers, and interior designers in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Beijing, who are working from their homes to insure that they accomplish all the work for the peace sanctuary.

Meanwhile, as I am guiding and protecting my young monks and nuns in Shyalpa Monastery and also working closely on the phone with an apps designer for crowd funding. We will have our apps ready very soon and hopefully we will be able to inspire all of humanity around the globe to participate in this most meaningful project for universal peace by donating just one dollar, one renminbi or one rupee. Today, more then ever, we need peace in our minds and peace in the world. I hope and pray that all our brothers and sisters